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Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Soccer Frequently Asked Questions Banner (photo by: Gregory Shafiro)  
Please take a moment read over below frequently asked questions and answers, email if any questions.

What fields are games played on?

Urban Soccer fields are conveniently located Downtown Pier 40, Sara Roosevelt Park

What days and times are games usually played?

weeknight between 6-10pm games

Men division

  • Mon/Tue, Weds/Thurs 6v6
  • Tue-Thurs 7v7
  • Sun 6v6
  • 6-10pm games

Coed division

  • Mon/Weds, Tue-Thurs 6v6
  • Tue-Thurs, Sunday 7v7
  • 6-9pm games

How do I register or join Urban Soccer?

Team Captains: Please mail in completed roster waiver form to league office to register your squad.
You will be the main contact person/liaison/spokesperson for your team.
It is your responsibility to make sure all roster players fulfill registration requirements (see below), team has paid registration dues, checking schedule weekly to ensure you have the most updated schedule and communicating updates from League coordinator such as cancellations & schedule changes.

Team Coordinator is responsible for completing page 1&2 and collecting page 3 from each participant.
Please mail the entry registration package along with payment and picture ID copy (Drivers License), payment (credit card, check or money order payable to USL, LLC.).

Free Agents You can register as an individual (player without a team) by completing free agent registration form
Players will be asked to attend a placement game generally held on weekends to properly fit  you in a division.

When can I register as a team or a individual player?

On going registration, returning teams gets priority thereafter registration on first come basis...

What is the season entree fee?

Free agents 175/season
Team entry dues 1700  

All returning team registration payment must be satisfied by week 4.

What is included in the registration fee?

Your team registration fee includes 8-10 season games, referees, permits for the fields the team plays on, league shirts, administrative, playoffs, end of the season awards.

What is proper league attire?

League provides team shirts with numbers and expect every player to wear them (player without league shirt risk a 2 minutes penalty), turf or flat sole soccer shoes recommended, shorts, shin pads. Our goal is to promote team and organization spirit!

What is Urban Soccer participants level of skill?

Urban Soccer divisions varies from competitive, intermediate & recreational.

What is Futsal/ Indoor division?

Futsal is played with a smaller ball on a smaller indoor court. You can see a video from one of our Futsal Divisions by clicking here.

What if my game is rained out or canceled will the game be made-up?

Rainouts: We play rain/shine except severe, dangerous conditions. NO REFUND if Mother Nature cancels game due to severe weather.
League reserves additional fields weekend Friday-Sunday for rainouts, or any other cancellations. Makeup games will usually reschedule within couple of wks. from cancelled game. League will  make every attempt to reschedule cancelled games, but can't guarantee it! 
Exception: No makeup game winter indoor season. League under contract for a fixed amount of time as guess of facilities.

What are the League guidelines/rules?

  • Proper Attire: All players must wear assigned league shirts with numbers, turf or flat sole shoes recommended, soccer shorts, shin pads. 
    Our goal is to promote team and organization spirit!
  • Schedule: 1 regular schedule game per week, 6-10:30pm. Season schedule will be posted online by wk. 3. Due to unforeseen issues with scheduling, some changes may need to be made after the initial posting. As a general rule you should check your schedule prior to each game to ensure you have the most current information.
  • Game: Two 22-minute running halves (at halftime team switch sides, resumes play immediately)
  • Roster: 9 Players (5v5 & 6v6), 11 players (7v7). Players must be listed & have signed team roster/waiver prior to participating in league games. Each player can only sign for themselves, illegal to sign for absent players! All Guess players must sign waiver form in order to participate in League games.
  • Coed: 6v6 (2 women field players)
  • Coed:7v7 (3 women field players)
  • Minimum require players/game:
    5v5 & 6v6 (4 players), 7v7 (5 players).
  • Pickup players: In the interest of competition, teams are allow to pickup maximum 2 Urban Soccer League players to complete squad rather than forfeiting.
  • Unlimited Substitution on a fly.  All players must enter from designated team bench, but only after the substituted player has left the field (keepers can only be substituted at referees discretion)
  • The offside rule does not apply
  • No Slide Tackles.
  • Free Kicks: 6v6 (6 yards), 7v7 (7yards)
  • Penalty kicks: All Pks taken with 1 step.
  • Pass Back: keeper can not use hands to play the ball
  • Fouls & Misconducts: referees can penalize fouls, unsportsman like conduct by cautioning players with yellow or red cards.
  • Yellow Card = 2 minutes penalty, team plays a player down, unless opponent scores. 2 accumulated yellow cards = red card.
  • Red Card = Player will automatically be suspended from game with risk of league expulsion!
    (team plays 5 minutes shorthanded or until opponent scores. new player allow after power play served).
  • Misconducts: Intolerable!
    Urban Soccer is first & foremost a RECREATIONAL league. We strive for fun fair play, those who engages in aggressive reckless playing, or behavior deemed unacceptable by league officials will not be welcome back!
  • Draw: End of regulation time the score is tie, it will record as tie with each team receiving a point.
  • W=3 points, L=0pt., D=1pt., Forfeits 5-0 
  • Rainouts: We play rain/shine except severe, dangerous conditions. NO refunds if Mother Nature cancels game.
    League reserves additional fields weekend Friday - Sunday for rainouts, or any other cancellations. Makeup games will usually reschedule within couple of wks. from cancelled game. League will  make every attempt to reschedule cancelled games, but can't guarantee it! 
    No rescheduling indoor games as League is in a fixed facility schedule.
  • Cancellation/Forfeits: We strongly suggest every effort to attend all games even if it's a partial squad. League will do best in sending additional league register substitute players as needed in the interest of competition. Please notify league if need to cancel/forfeit by 3pm game day.  League will do it's best to reschedule cancelled games but no guarantees.
    Multiple forfeits can jeopardize team re-registration outcome!
  • Team Captains/Coordinators responsibilities: Ensure that your respective teams are aware of the above guidelines, player's proper behavior, & full payment of team entry dues.
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